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Freedom One Life (FOL) was established to design and manufacture a game changing next generation power wheelchair. Its vision is to deliver radical change to the stagnant powerchair market, offering a revolutionary power wheelchair to improve independence and stretch the boundaries of powerchair users.


FOL works to eliminate technical barriers that currently limit powerchair users lives, ensuring the chair becomes less of a liability and more of a catalyst to allow people to do what they want and go where they like, without fears of breaking down.

FOL’s misson is to inspire and empower those people living with a physical disability. To enable those people around the world to expect and demand the same standard of living and mobility that an able-bodied person takes for granted.

To read more on how the Freedom One Chair will make a difference, please visit:

Or contact - 0141 258 3150
Twitter: @freedomonelife


Support the deaf people

Formed in 2012 by Ruthy Fletcher, Support The Deaf People was created to share training and inspiration with hoteliers, with the aim of improving access for their deaf and hard of hearing guests.

Covering a range of areas, from information regarding deaf culture, communication skills, as well as more technical signing skills and specialist equipment for deaf people, Support the Deaf People aims to educate hoteliers in providing appropriate access and a safe environment for their guests whom have a hearing loss.

A fully qualified Signature Deaf Awareness Tutor, Ruthy was named the runner up ''Deaf Business Academy Outstanding Contribution 2016'' (pictured below), as well as winning the ''Deaf Business Academy Outstanding Contribution 2018'' and finishing as runner-up in the ''Outstanding Development 2018'' awards.

Ruthy teaches basic signs, which enable hotel staff to communicate effectively and confidently with their deaf guests. Having found that the health and safety aspects surrounding a person with a hearing loss are very rarely discussed, she aims to provide the foresight and assistance through which they can be resolved.

To find out more about the benefits of deaf awareness training, visit or contact Ruthy via:
07444 136415




Paraworkforce Limited is an Accessibility Consulting Firm specializing in delivering comprehensive Human Factors Engineering Services.

Through their global Delivery Partners, they strive to improve accessibility, safety, and increase efficiency universally, for all groups of able-bodied and Mobility Impaired persons, including visually and hearing impaired.

Paraworkforce's people are experts at understanding the needs and goals of businesses across a broad range of industry sectors.

  • Engineering
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Mega Events

Paraworkforce came into being as a direct result of the experiences gained by its founding Directors at both the Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. By promoting inclusion and diversity to its corporate clients globally, the company foresees tremendous growth in career opportunities for Mobility Impaired individuals to fill vacancies across all industry sectors, and in so doing, address the growing international labour shortage.

Wherever possible, Paraworkforce strives to hire and train Mobility Impaired individuals to manage and carry out the work that we do, thus ensuring that we approach both the planning and execution from a focused and sensitive point of view.