The Blue Badge Access Awards are a unique design competition which seeks original ideas to improve access and provide an enhanced experience for hotel guests and travellers, particularly for those with disabilities.

Since 2016, the awards have enjoyed support from Her Majesty’s Government, peers in the House of Lords, a wide range of disability groups, the media, hospitality organisations, as well as sponsors and entrants from around the world.

As we move into the next phase, the Awards are broadening in scope, with barriers to entry being further reduced. We will continue to engage with the design and architectural communities, who have been immensely proactive in their support thus far, but we wish to cast the net a little wider, as well as to encourage those who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves ‘creatives’ or ‘designers’ to participate in the process and share their ideas.

The scope of the competition is set to continue widening, while it seeks to identify and reward the best innovative ideas from the fields of architecture and interior design, product design and service design. The competition will continue in its ambitions to employ good design when re-imagining the welcome that hotels extend to guests with physical disabilities and learning difficulties, with the aim of making the hotel experience more joyful and inclusive.

In light of the above, Bespoke Access is delighted to be deepening its partnership with both Blue Badge Style and Leonard Cheshire Disability, both of whom have outstanding track records of championing accessible design and services, as well as affecting legislation, employment, and inclusion across all areas of society.

The annual Blue Badge Style Awards are currently held in October, with the aim of recognising exceptional venues & organisations that have both style and accessibility for disabled people. Moving forward, these will be combined alongside the existing Bespoke Access Awards, thereby forming the Blue Badge Access Awards.

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